Leaving Paradise… As a divemaster!

As time passed on Gili Air, the schedule which had once seemed incredibly full settled into place allowing time for fun, fitness and friends. 

In protest of seeing our favourite underwater life on the BBQ, a few of us became vegetarian, and our conversations and jokes became incredibly dive-centric, but as far as it was from England or even Australia, I couldn’t have felt more at home.  Grasping a few words of Bahasa to exchange with the friendly locals added to this, and the addition of a western quality coffee and cake stop in the harbour made it hard to want for anything more. 

      As I grew in confidence you could feel yourself improving in your sport but all too soon it was time to move on.  

The snorkel test is the ‘last skill’ to be undertaken as a divemaster.  Definitely not endorsed by PADI, it requires ritual humiliation and drinking 1.5 litres of alcohol through a snorkel whilst wearing a blacked out mask.  Luckily 5 of us were ‘graduating’ together.  Due to us joking about being prisoners to the dive school they dressed us up and chained us together.  We walked in chains around the island to invite the other dive schools to our party.  The walk nearly ended our friendship! 

The last few months at 7seas have been like jail time. It felt like hard labour, no time off for good behaviour.

All the hard work is over, we’re finally done. Come to 7seas tonight to watch us have some fun! 

Tonight we pass the final test after all the agony and pains. If all goes well we hope and pray that they’ll release our chains.

We’ll use all our skills and training in the hope that we’ll succeed; join us at 9pm to see if we’ll be freed.

Please don’t be late, the snorkel test decides our fate.


           The evening was a great end to a great time on the island.  Come 9pm we had 5 challenges to win the keys to release our chains, including compass skills, tired diver carry and hopping around the bar in sacks, still chained together. 
It is with the fondest of memories I leave this little archepalago east bound for Komodo, hoping the winds blow me back this way once again.


What are your thoughts?

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