“Move your head, you’re blocking Big Ben!” – London

With our Bristol adventure over, it was time to head east to the capital, the big smoke, London, a place you can never quite prepare for and somewhere which always guarantees to exhaust you before you exhaust it.  So in case anyone is interested, below is my alibi for my time in London. 

4pm: catching the central line to Covent Garden. Fighting as queues of Londoners, equivalent to half the population of New Zealand queues to enter the tube station in the opposite direction to us.

5pm: tourist photos on the embankment

6pm: finding a great window seat looking over Covent Garden for a quick pre theatre snack. 

7:00pm: a very loud and huggy reunion with the best of best friends, Hannah in the foyer of the Cambridge theatre

7:30pm: Matilda, all singing, all dancing Bruce bogtrotter and the Trunchball

10pm: Coffee time and the train back to Earlsfield

1am: still awake catching up on the last three years, whilst feeling like it has only been three weeks

Day 4 home

8am: lovingly made breakfast followed by cuddles with snapchat star and Instagram celeb Pedro the cat

10am: to the British museum for 150 years of Alice in Wonderland, slowly cracking Hannah’s cool exterior that she has painted over her history nerd core! 

12pm: the British museum to feel dwarfed in ancient Egyptian history


1pm: having one drenched foot as we faced London’s downpour, encountering the worlds most random protest, against turning a zebra crossing into a pelican crossing

2pm: London style lunch (in a French cafe) 

3.30pm: Going all the way to Lewisham because we missed our stop because we were laughing too hard at Hannah stalking the minor celebs of the show ‘first dates.’ 

4:30pm: Making it home to Earlsfield to dry soggy feet and watch said episode of ‘first dates.’ 

7pm: reuniting with Colette. Being completely unable to answer the question, ‘so, how was it?’ 

9pm: drinks in Victoria, discussions about grown up things like dream proposals and real estate prices

11pm: making our way to the takeaway shop, ordering a pizza for delivery and it beating us home

Day 5 home

7:30am: wake up, scrub up, get out

9:30am: meet mancurian Great Ocean Road friend Jo at Borough markets, instantly begin giggling about hypothetical scenarios such as ‘which celebrity would you buy a memorial bench for and why?’ 

11am: walking down the length of the Southbank whilst seriously contemplate the outcome of ridiculous situations like ‘if you were offered a mince pie or a round the world ticket but were never allowed to eat another mince pie again, which would it be? Following said scenarios with follow up questions such as ‘well is the mince pie warm?’

12pm: losing the feeling in our fingers whilst passing Parliament and Westminster Abbey en route to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace










1pm: rounding Hyde park twice trying to pay our respects to Lady Diana, only finding Peter Pan instead

2:00pm: an emotional, London style goodbye on the central line

2:30pm: checking into Vauxhalls park plaza hotel for a catch up with the university friends. Representation from UK wide, baffling amount of accents

4pm: shopping for some, chip butties and naps for others

6pm: transformation begins, facetiming between each different bedroom to compare outfits, a process which has remarkably speeded up since uni! 

7pm: trying and failing to catch a London bus, hailing an uber instead, horrifying the uber driver reminiscing about our university night out debacles

8pm: arriving at the restaurant, late, nothing changes, more mature conversation choices include the nutrition make up of water and teaching tactics 

10pm: another bottle of wine, increased amount of snapchats

12pm: realising we are three years older as instead of the club we all clamber into one bed in our pjs 

1:30am: reluctant goodnights

Day 6 home

9am: tactically taking on the buffet, taking it in turns to humiliate each other with more reminiscing and some ‘where are they now’ talk 

11:30am: goodbyes, this time with a date in the diary a mere three months not three years away! A beautiful weekend with some amazing people! 

What are your thoughts?

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