Which came first, the jam or the cream? 

Talking cream teas of course. The main discrepancy between Devon and Cornwall comes down to whether you place the jam or the cream on top. 
The two Tamar bridges straddle the Tamar river connecting Cornwall and Devon. One was Brunel’s 1859 bridge, the other a 1960 addition. Here’s some gems I found just across the water in Plymouth. 
A naval city on the water means you can spend hours walking the coastline admiring boats. The hoe is a park next to the barracks, marked with the iconic city lighthouse. Sails lined up in the harbour, fancy yachts arriving, old lobster fishers with their nets and catches. With such an expansive naval history comes wrecks, a big draw card for divers and try your luck scouters. What is amazing is the sheer number of wrecks still being discovered. One site recently was excavated to find 3 different wrecks spanning over 1000 years, all on the same spot. Letting your mind be filled with tales of vagabonds who waved ships onto the shores on foggy nights to loot the wreckages. 
Francis Drake and his expedition of pilgrims set sail on the Mayflower for America on 6th September 1620. The mayflower steps marks the spot where they suppose this intrepid group would have last stepped on dry land, however bar and rest house has a claim to have housed this famous few in their final land hours. 

Being a naval city, Plymouth had a great market for its gin which began in 18th century, but the building is even more historic, beginning life as one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth. They brewed both 42% and Naval strength at 57%, practical in its toxicity in that if it spilt on the gunpowder it would still ignite. 


  1. Plymouth is full of colour. Thank you for introducing us to it’s history, quaintness and Gin. hic!!

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