Básar life – Week 3

Goodbyes to new friends was immediately followed by ‘hellos’ to others as 8 new two weekers joined camp life. We got Penny, Richard and Yulia, to take our camp swiftly up to 12, then back down to 9 as Brad left for a long range excursion. 

With Tony and I running the camp, the work flew by. The sun was out for a scorching week and the theme was steps. Wide ones, long ones, steep ones, gravelly ones, the team made them all.  

On Wednesday we carried way marker posts a few hours up the trail to the plateau. With spiked stobs sticking out of our backpacks we looked like strange superheroes as we crossed the cats spine, and followed on.  

Thursday was another hike, to refuel the long range camp with materials to continue their work. Only 5km away at the base of Rjupnafell, Brad and his team were living more remote to continue the work close by to that site. Legs burning, we circumnavigated the mountains on steep sided paths, then home to enjoy the luxuries of camp life.  
Friday nights mean beer, cheese and campfires. With the teams relaxing into the weekend, we played reruns of Mafia and sat close to the flames, until it was time to wade home across the glacial stream. With July drawing to a close, the late evenings were pretty and darkness began to set in about 11.30, a novelty after its long absence.  
On the weekend I attempted two short hikes. The first was a late afternoon excursion up the rock behind camp. A steep sided rock, you needed chains and a steady foot to climb up and up. Adrenaline pumping we made it to the top, only to wave back at the secluded camp. I managed to get attacked by 4 wasps simultaneously, making it a hike to remember. Saturday night vibes were an open air stir fry as the two teams joined together at B’asar. After stuffing ourselves with goodies we ran it all off in a rather violent version of football, until the football ended up in the Krossa river, and we had to resort to tag. 
The second hike was a beautiful failure, as Cal and I missed the way markers on to the plateau and attempted an off piste route back to camp. Finding several alternatives too sketchy, we retraced our steps home in the dusty afternoon heat, exhausted and ready for another week.  

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