Tapas in Granada

Granada’s warm evening was a welcoming embrace to the south of Spain. The first impressions as I pulled my suitcase up the cobbled streets were quite how quaint it was, little shops opening out of rustic wooden doors, small streets all painted white. By 9pm it was time to find food. I wanted to try how the locals do it. You get a drink and sample some tapas, one of the last remaining places in Spain where tapas is free. The bars were all busy, spilling on to the streets with little space to perch and it took me a few observational runs to walk into one, order a beer and stand at the bar.  
There is a strange paradox about travelling solo that you actually spend very little time alone.  So when it comes to actually doing something alone socially it can be a little nerve wracking.  
I waited expectantly and the waiter brought over a plate of fried catfish on a bed of lettuce. Do I tuck straight in, look nonchalant? I googled Granada tapas etiquette for some help, but shortly after, no questions answered, my phone died. You’re in the room.  
I entertained myself watching other guests, the interactions of the staff arguing in Spanish and reminding me of an all to real faulty towers, and occasionally attempting mimed conversation with the waiter who had taken pity on me.  
I was enjoying this. I ordered a second beer. The second plate was a dish of fried potatoes with some sauce which was beginning to satisfy my appetite, but over an hour on I was still there. With the third beer some fries, topped baguette and pasta presented itself. I had had a great evening, was full and it was gone ten thirty, mission accomplished. This time the waiter didn’t ask if I wanted anything else but grabbed my glass and said on the house. So more beer and another plate of dates, cheese and bread was laid out. I was bowled over, not knowing what to expect from the bill. Gone 11pm I went for it, gulp, a grand total of €6.60. The price of three beers. Baring in mind I’d had more than a full meal each comprising of Spanish tastes.  

What are your thoughts?

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