I am inviting you to join me on a journey with no destination, where adventure is always welcome, failing that, coffee and a good book will do just fine.

I left the UK by rail on 09.09.2013; destination Asia. Without leaving the ground, we travelled through 16 countries to end up in Singapore.  Running out of land, I was diagnosed with a serious illness, the travel bug.  My actions since then I cannot be held responsible for, but have included Africa, Australasia and Indonesia.

Here are some tales of adventure, my history geek side emerging throughout.  For the bits too dull for the blog, follow me on twitter @trthabouttravel where I confess those bits you hope to forget about travel, the bits no one puts in the scrapbook, what might be compared to a Monday morning if this was the real world.


  1. Hey Loz & Ricky, we are so happy for u both, just showed Jake ur pics, we r planning our trip! 🙂 we are so jealous. Happy ur all ok and having the time of ur life, lots of love Lauren S & Jake xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. After showing Jake the pictures of Hong Kong he’s hooked! We’ve decided to do a mini trip of our own on route to Australia! Hopefully we can plan it as well as you both have! Another year to wait until Jake finishes uni but not so long now!! 🙂 xxxxx

  3. Literally just found this from your latest FB post – so, that’s Friday afternoon sorted then! Hope you’re well. xx

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