“Having a ball” – Koh Samui

Day 151- 158

A joint attempt at a poem about our time on Koh Samui…

We arrived in Samui on day one-five-one
All eager for more days in the sun
One day in Chaweng on a beach paradise
With 60 baht cocktails – a hellava price

Then on to Lamai to spend a few
Meeting with friends old and new
We visited a waterfall deep in a wood
And for dinner, a plate of seafood

The street markets were a delight
The live music and fire shows were a sight
We rode around the island on a bike
Then the festivities went on all night

At a fire party on the beach
A balloon game to us they did teach
Stamping, kicking, popping fun
30 people down to one
When we heard the final pop
It was me who came out on top

Next we go to Koh Phangan
Let's see Thailand out with a bang!






  1. I enjoy your blogs, verse and news,
    I love the photos and stunning views,
    Many varied experiences Asia has shown,
    Now you head south, further from home,
    But, I wish you safe travels and plenty of fun,
    And lots more adventures with days in the sun.

  2. I am glad you have broken into verse,
    It adds culture to natures fine dress.
    It’s enthrawling to follow so diverse
    Your route here and there does impress.

    What next fair land will excite,
    Can there be more adventure for three
    Will David stay or take flight,
    Will Africa call or it Aussie be?
    Gpa xx

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