Full moon party- Koh Phangnan

Day 159

We arrived in Koh Phangan in the afternoon and transferred to Haad Yao, a quiet little town on the north west of the island. Our two little bungalows had a fantastic view over a quiet little beach, and to top it all off we had some great neighbours, Tom and Kirsty. Having planned to meet Ricky’s friends from home it was a great surprise to see them standing two bungalows down! We all went for dinner to compare notes on the Trans-Siberian adventure, having experienced vastly different temperatures!


Day 160

The heavily anticipated day had come for full moon. We spent a day on he beach in preparation for the evening, then went out to choose our UV attire, covering ourselves (some of us more than others) in UV paint.

The party was in Haad Rin and the long and hilly Tuk Tuk ride was spent in anticipation of the night ahead. This monthly party expects 30,000 people on a 1km beach and with mixed reviews we weren’t sure what to expect, except an unforgettable time. The atmosphere was electric, 10 sound systems spilling out on to the beach, and the drink of choice, buckets!




We spent time dancing on the stages overlooking the beach and even managed to meet with Blake and his family after deciding it was a near impossible task with the vast crowds. The party wasn’t nearly as dirty or reminiscent of the horrors we had be warned about, just a lot of people dancing, drinking and having a great time! A night to remember!

Day 161

We said goodbye to Tom and Kirsty as they headed on to Koh Samui and spent the day on the beach vowing that after our island hopping the next stop would be culture filled and action packed. We booked our tickets to Malaysia ready to leave the next day.

Next stop Penang, Malaysia.


  1. Hey, I’ve caught up! You really are experiencing such a range of things and I can see you’re becoming seasoned travellers!

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