Life on the other side – Perth

It has been a whole three weeks since we landed on the island the other side of the world in order to call it home for a little while. It was a strange transition back into western society, home comforts and the reality of job hunting. I missed the novelty we were in Asia but have enjoyed being in a country with cheese!

On our first day, opening bank accounts having been awake since 2am, it seemed strange to think we would be in one place long enough, however once we unpacked those smelly backpacks it wasn’t long before we settled into a routine. Staying with Auntie Ros has meant we are well fed with delicious food.

Ricky found work amazingly quickly by replying to an advert on gumtree. When he wasn’t home by 6:30pm, second day in a new city with only a bike and a vague sense of his way, he had us all concerned, but he came home laden with tales of exterminating wasps nests and knocking down garages. Since then he has played builder, cleaner, tiler and stonemason.

We spent our first weekend in Bridgetown with Martin, Graeme, Liam and Shania. For me it was lovely to be back and for Ricky, a bit of rural Australia. Their small holding with a few cows, geese and cats kept us entertained.

The next week I found work and landed two jobs in the same day. In the day I work across the city in an office, a beautiful 40minute ride across the river and in the evening I serve at the Italian restaurant across the road. I now regularly compete with Australian lingo and their strange measures of beer- schooners, middies and stubbies.


The lovely autumn days have reached 35 degrees and we spent a nice weekend sightseeing. On Saturday Ricky and I took the bus along the beautiful coastal drive to Hilary’s boat harbour where we shopped, ate and Ricky bought a ‘traditional’ hat. On Sunday we all ventured to Fremantle, the historic port town. The city was alive, we bustled through the markets, and had fish and chips whilst listening to a live band. We also visited the roundhouse, western Australia’s oldest building, originally used as a gallows and more recently as a port. At 1pm they fired the cannon which was originally used so all boats in the surrounding area could set their clocks to the exact time.





Ricky and David will spend the next few weeks driving tractors around the Wheat belt, and for me, I have signed up to an automotive maintenance (or basic mechanics) course to prepare for all eventualities when we get a vehicle. For anyone who needs a laugh, me wearing steel toe capped boots in a garage changing break pads should provide a giggle.


  1. Hi Lauren,

    At last I can relate to where you are. You are certainly keeping very busy in order to replenish the bank balance ! When do you fit in the mechanics training ? Please give my love to Ros. I can well imagine how wonderful it is not to have to live out of a back pack.

    Weather here is gorgeous. All the trees are in blossom and everything is growing very quickly. Tomorrow Heidi and I are up early to go to the Norfolk Broads where Simon, Caroline and family have a boat for the day. Then we stay up there over night and back home in the morning. I collect the campervan on 29th and have 2 nights on a camp site near to where I am buying the van just to make sure I am familiar with how everything works, with help on hand if needed. Then I get back home on the 1st May with the van and on the 2nd May my friends Keith and Gill have invited me to join them near St David’s in Pembrokeshire for a long weekend. They also have a camper. I’m really looking forward to my first trip away in the van. Will send you some pictures ! The sight we are staying on is right beside the sea.

    I pleased the boys have jobs seeding. It will be a real change for them. Hope they do not get too bored driving up and down the huge fields ! Do they go there every day or stay nearer to their work ?

    Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Lots of love GJ xxxxxxx

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    • I will be at college on Saturday mornings for 5 weeks, it should be a good challenge. I have also been looking for a piano teacher to get some lessons, I picked up a keyboard for $20! The boys will stay away whilst seeding, although they are only about 2 hours out! Your camper plans sound very exciting, I would love to see some pictures! Have a good time away with Heidi and friends! Lots of love xx

  2. I can well imagine the change to a more western style of live once more combined with the stability of sleeping under the same roof for more than a couple of nights is welcome but, also strange. How very responsible to do a mechanics course, you’re so right. The only regret you may have is when Ricky and David leave you to do all the maintenance! Perth is lovely and it sounds as though you are making the most of every opportunity. Xxx

  3. Have been following all your blogs. An amazing experience for you all. Our lives seem very small although always busy. Have a good Easter.

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