3 months on – a fork in the road

G’day, Everything Cruisy?

So it has been a while since the last post. An uneventful but busy chapter after washing up on Australia’s western shores penniless (much gratitude to Auntie Ros for taking us in.) Before the tans faded we did get in a lovely day trip to Rottnest Island, one of only two places where you can see the Quokka, and inquisitive relative to the kangaroo.



I finished the telephone sales Job I was in and found a new role working for Telstra. Between that and the restaurant, some weeks I have worked 72 hours! I worked on the Thanks a Million campaign which involved calling customers to thank them for their custom. Our target was aimed at keeping customers on the phone over 3 minutes which lead to being taught to build rapport and just chat. Along with the privilege of working with some awesome fellow backpackers, job had so many interesting moments. I felt so encouraged talking to such inspirational people, retired nuns, cancer survivors and listening to stories and experiencing different walks of life. I got invitations out, was told how to survive in the outback by killing a kangaroo, and most importantly kept a list of recommendations of places to visit in Australia, some with personal invites to stay!

Ricky spent life in an outback town, Mingenew, population 200, seeing lots of what Australia had to offer, Kangaroos and dust. Highlights of his day often included ant watching and finding a lizard in his water bottle. After returning to the big city after 6 weeks he was excited to experience the city and hit the shops, but returned an hour later after remembering "he didn't like shopping." Since being back in Perth he quickly found a job doing fence construction which has kept him busy.

But as one chapter comes to end there is a fork in the road of our journey. I am heading to Tanzania, Africa to meet family for a holiday. The road to this trip has been tense as my passport returned home before I did to be renewed as I was lacking in pages. It was only once I had bid it farewell I was informed of the backlog problems back home. A jumbo passport is now heading my way and once returned it will not leave my sight! After Zanzibar, I will travel with family to Botswana, then part ways as I head off on a 32 day tour of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and back to SA where mum will join me to do the coastal garden route of South Africa.




Ricky who was going to stay and work is now returning to Thailand to volunteer for one month at Lanta Animal Welfare, an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre on Koh Lanta. I can think of no more perfect way for Ricky to spend a month than dishing out hugs to dogs and cats, however he has started referring to himself as a vet now…

When we return to Perth in September the next chapter will begin, on the road in Australia!

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  1. Great to hear your latest news. I don’t know how you will keep your CV short and succinct after this and it was only today that I learnt from an elderly lady on the bus,that you can get a jumbo sized passport. xx

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