The blue city – Johdpur

Our next call was Rajasthan’s second city, Johdpur. The city is famed for its blue houses sitting like LEGO blocks out of the hillside. The colour was originally used for the Brahmin caste however it keeps insects away and the property cool so is popular throughout the town with every caste. Our newest guide took us straight to the hills, the big sandstone structure which appears to come out of nowhere. On top the Maharaja’s memorial to the city’s founder Jaswant Singh II, now the cremation point for all of the rulers. It was a great place to acquaint ourselves with this new city and our first glimpses of the spectacular Mehranagarh fort. Unlike the living fort of Jaisalmer this one is very a monument to battlement and our parr visit here gave us more admiration for the winding streets of Johdpur from above, the hassle and bustle minimised. As we had seen a lot of forts and palaces by this point in the trip we were one step ahead of the guide on where the ladies had to sit, the various uses for each room and boy did we know our way around the armoury. We were keen to get amongst it! 
The clock tower marked the centre of the towns life and here we began making our way through the markets. The winding alleys were filled with colourful fruits and veg, some foreign to us, shoes and spices, cloths and cows. A big truck of water for the locals hung with metal cups adding to the festival feel.  As always, it was an adventure to admire so many parallel lives collide.  


  1. Guess the local paint shop just stocked the one colour. Luckily it was a gorgeous shade of blue.

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