Those Whistler things..

With less than one week to go, I’m firmly in denial of what it will be like to say goodbye to this beautiful place. Although this village will always be here, the past 7 months can’t be replicated so this is less about what is new and noteworthy and more about the small things I hope I’ll never forget.
The stranger who gave me a push along a flat bit of piste and said “from one snowboarder to another, Happy Christmas!” 

The time Jenny attacked my cornflakes as I was returning from a late night shopping trip and I had to fight her off.

Monique’s baking which brought everyone together during the dark winter nights.

Kicking the football with the boys around the car park as the snow began to melt. 

A skier who sandwiched a snowboarder between his legs to propel her along the cat track in true Romeo and Juliet style love. 

The guy who emailed the reservations inbox saying “we are legion and we will never forget. Rome fell and so will Vail resorts!”

Every time Jenny farted, burped, picked her nose or generally grossed us out. 

Eddie inviting the team to join him ice skating with the sentence “if anyone is mildly interested in getting their bum soar, let me know..”

Kevin’s reaction of physical repulsion every time I tried to give him a hug. 

Overuse of the words ‘sendy,’ ‘pow’ and ‘sick!’ 

Every time we walked into Bills Nightclub acting like we owned the place, especially when we were convinced we had our own barman. 

The time two American strangers taught Monique and I how to swing dance. 

Every horrific snapchat filter Will and Liam have applied to my face and then used to harass me thereafter..

Monique’s face and squeal combination when Maroon 5 came on after I lied and told her the DJ had refused to play it when I requested it for her. 

Singing terribly in the gondola every time I got a bubble to myself. 

Piggy back races downstairs in the Carleton Lodge.

The competitive game of pairs with Will, Liam and Kevin in which the loser had to eat old, dusty jelly beans from the back of the sofa.

Making Fresh Tracks to last lift with an all snowboard crew.

Meeting Kevin’s dad and discovering that his childhood name was Kevin the bunny boy and he believed his dad was an alien was a planet Zaptor. 

Midday naps of four in a Fairmont bed, 7 in a hotel room on a midweek trip to Vancouver.

Will insulting my omelette cooking skills and comparing every meal thereafter to slightly undercooked egg. 

The night we invented a dice/cards combo game and Will decided to play Robbie Williams all night.

When Monique walked out of the nightclub like a diva and went flying over a chain fence.

When I sunk knee deep into a pile of snow, landed flat on my face and shouted ‘save the snowboard’ as it began to slide down the hill.

Steph and I still lapping fresh powder at 3 in the afternoon as the snow was falling.

When Kevin googled the difference between STD’s and STI’s and gave us a lecture on them.

Jenny gifting me a pet rock and clarifying which side was its face.

Will gifting me a pet rock and Monique assisting it on its ride up the chair lift.

Burying Joe entirely in snow on a slow day snowboarding.

Kevin’s inventory of cutlery. Kevin’s inventory of glasses. Kevin’s rota to purchase toilet roll. Living with Kevin. 

Monique delivering coffee and a burger to me whilst I was trapped babysitting a screaming two year old. 

When I managed a somersault on the trampoline, as well as all the times leading up to that which I didn’t manage a somersault and instead landed with flailing legs.

Arguing over the meeting time of our 6am boot camp when Monique always tried to negotiate for an extra three minutes in bed. 

Bumping into Billy at the Ice Hockey and him looking both startled to see us and having to justify ‘I do have friends..’ 

Inventing a hockey/basketball/tennis mix in an impromptu battle of staff housing gondola ball.

Liam’s grumps at us on a slow start to the days snowboarding as he ordered us to “drink your coffee, eat your carrots and go to the toilet, you have had at least a litre of liquid this morning…”

Working each Sunday shift with Emily as she managed to chew her vitamin C loud enough to  shake the room

A night of Eurovision bingo, shared snacks and good company whilst gathered round a small laptop screen watching a rerun of the song contest. 

Each one has brought a little smile, a part of what has made is place so complete. So I guess it’s been the little Whistler things which have made it a pretty big season. 


  1. The little things are definitely the parts of life that make the biggest and best memories. Let’s hear it for the ‘little things’!!! But my burning question is who will take care of your pet rocks when you leave? I presume they are fully domesticated and cannot be released back in to the wild now.

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