Guest Blogger Liam

Liam, maybe the second biggest fan of my blog (sorry number 1 was already filled..) has written his take on my two longest standing housemates as if from my perspective. Slightly edited, it was just too good not to share. 
Dear Diary, we need to talk about Kevin. 

It’s coming to the end of my time in whistler and felt it was time to give a special mention to my roommate Kevin. Without Kevin here my season wouldn’t have been the same. Your story telling, google searches and questionable statements have made the last 7 months a time I’ll never forget. It’s going to be hard to leave soon, not having someone around to correct me on the difference on STI’s and STD’s is something I’ll need to learn to live without. Your knowledge on ski boots was astonishing to say the least. Learning how to say Toronto the correct way is up there with bob sleighing and snowmobiling for the best experiences in whistler. Thank you again for all the laughs, stories and tears along our journey as roommates together. I’ll always remember you.

My response;

Monique once described knowing Kevin as similar to doing groceries, ‘it’s part of your life so you may as well learn to love it.’ We have had some good banter this season. I think me forcing you to play the question game on your second night in the apartment set a good tone for our relationship. You have been a good sport, always able to laugh at yourself, which I guess is handy as your quirks keep us all amused. The night at the pizza restaurant will always stick in my mind. When the waitress asked us all for ID and you got out three pieces and talked her through all your appearance changes over the last 5 years until she bolted leaving us ID free. Your dad is always welcome to visit again. Learning that your nickname was Kevin the bunny boy and you believed into your teenage years that your dad was an alien from the planet zaptor is information I’m not sure how I ever lived without. It does explain your need to factcheck everything on google since. Thank you for being consistently entertaining and teaching us just how tolerant we could be. Watch out, if I’m ever in Toronto, I’ll be knocking on your door. 

Dear Diary, It’s me, Will.

I had the honour of sharing my Whistler experience with my roommate Will. Despite the bearded appearance, he turned out to be one big cuddly teddy bear that was so much fun to be around. I think the best part about knowing Will were the amazing people I got to meet through him, in particular his friend Liam. Wills deep voice could put me to sleep in seconds, and his calm approach to life supported me through some interesting roommates. Although I would’ve preferred Liam as my roommate, I still consider myself very lucky to have been able to share the season living with William. I’ll never forget that night in his bed where I chewed his beard. (Really Liam, I’m not sure this happened?) Although it’s been great, I go to so many places every year that within weeks I won’t even remember his name, but I still thank him for all the fun we had.

My response;

Which one are you? Liam or Will? The inseparable pair. Your affections to each other have warmed my heart. Liam as the koala bear, the puppy seeking Will’s attention, Will silent in his emotions but loving in his actions. Thank you for letting us all share in this beautiful and enduring friendship, join you at Mountain meals in arguing how mini carrots are made and getting competitive at card games. Will, you have been a great housemate. You have filled our apartment with skis, kept the Fairmont dress code on point and been unshakeably patient as I force Eurovision parties on you and alter your interesting concept on decorating (but really, hanging an orange on a string to see how long it takes to get mouldy is not decorating..). Welcoming and inclusive, it was great to meet your family and join your friends on the trip to Grouse. Bring on season 2, bearded wanderer! 

Liam, couldn’t leave it without your own acknowledgement, especially as you did technically live at our house. You’re practically family, not just the 305 family, but your welcome to the Baillie home next time you’re in the UK. Thank you for enduring my every excitement, perfectly summed up in your sarcastic comment, ‘the best part of skiing with Lauren is you get to spend the whole chair lift hearing about the tiny bit of air she just got off a jump..’ Your little sulks about who is going to join you to the vending machine, as well as your slightly bigger sulk when I gave that bar of chocolate away, have been so adorable we can barely take them seriously. Thank you for your generosity, for being interested in my stories and for the nickname Bombie which I hope sticks around. 

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  1. Ha ha, love this, and I’m proud to retain my position as number one fan (sorry Liam, you’ll have to be content with second place).

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